Go API client samples

The samples all use the client library at github.com/lab5e/go-spanapi and a token from the Span dashboard.

Adding the dependency

Add the dependecy to your project by running the following command:

go get https://github.com/lab5e/go-spanapi/v4

Sample code

All of the samples are built with the usual Go command:

go build
Sample GitHub
List collections and devices https://github.com/lab5e/golang-simple
Retrieve data from the device’s inbox https://github.com/lab5e/golang-get-data
Upload a blob via the Internet https://github.com/lab5e/go-blob-upload
Send data via DTLS https://github.com/lab5e/dtls-go-sample
Page through the inbox https://github.com/lab5e/golang-paging 
Get data from an time interval https://github.com/lab5e/golang-get-data-interval