Build backends faster

Span simplifies a lot of you backend chores – managing devices, making sure there’s an endpoint the devices can communicate with, keeping track of the device status and making sure messages are delivered just to mention a few.

Device management

Keep track of devices in different states with the device management API in Span. Collections of devices are used to group devices into subgroups and you can have separate groups for development devices, testing devices and production devices.

Replay messages

With the message retention feature you don’t have to worry about upgrades, restarts and maintenance for your backend service. A single query will get you any messages you missed

sequenceDiagram Device->>Span: Message 1 create participant Backend1 Span->>Backend1: Message 1 Note right of Span: Backend goes offline Device->>Span: Message 2 Device->>Span: Message 3 Device->>Span: Message 4 Note right of Span: Backend back online Span->>Backend1: Message 2 Span->>Backend1: Message 3 Span->>Backend1: Message 4

Metadata for devices

Metadata is used to describe the devices for your backend service such as sensor calibration data, your own custom identifiers - basically anything you’ll need when processing the data. The metadata is stored both for devices and collections of devices

Firmware update over the air

Span supports firmware updates over the air through a simple to implement protocol. Upload a firmware image to the service, assign it to the device and let the service handle the download and version management.

Data Routers

The data routers lets you route data to different backends without any configuration changes on existing backends or on the devices.