What are AT commands?

If you are working with cellular IoT you will sooner or later (usually sooner) come across “AT Commands”. AT commands have been around for a long time but after everyone stopped using modems and dial-up connections to the Internet it’s quite rare except in the telecommunications industry.

AT Commands are still used as a common interface for 4G, 5G and cellular IoT modules (which are still referred to as “modems”).

3GPP standard commands

The standard 3GPP command set is more or less available on all modules.


Nordic nRF 91 Commands

The AT commands for the nRF91 chipset https://infocenter.nordicsemi.com/index.jsp?topic=%2Fref_at_commands%2FREF%2Fat_commands%2Fintro.html

Quectel BG Commands


uBlox SARA N Commands


uBlox SARA R Commands