Tutorials and sample code

Firmware development

If you have an existing solution and want to test it out you can check out the no-code sample with a Teltonika tracker. This shows you a very high level overview of how you use the service.

The Arduino examples shows you the basic principle of firmware and modems and an Arduino is an excellent starting point for a prototype if you are early in the experimental phase.

The ESP-IDF/ESP32 examples shows you both how to implement ethernet/WiFi connectivity and how to interface with the modem in a slightly more complex framework.

The nRF9160/Zephyr examples shows you the nRF91 configuration where you’ll get a MCU and modem in a single package.

For a complete example of a firmware implementation you can have a look at the Air Quality node sample

Backend development

The API is exposed as an OpenAPI yaml file and you have multiple options when it you want to use the API:

  • Use the existing API client libraries for Java, .NET/C#, Go, Rust or Dart.
  • Implement your own API client by invoking the REST API directly. You can experiement with the API directly via cURL
  • Generate your own client via the OpenAPI yaml file and the OpenAPI-generator.

For a more complete example you can look at the Go backend example. Even if you aren’t fluent in Go it should be relatively easy to follow the logic.