Get started

Step 0: Sign up

If you haven’t already, sign up to the Span service.

Step 1: Register a new Device

All devices in Span resides in collections so add a new one by clicking on add int the collection list.

Add a new collection

Click on the devices item under the collection you just created, then add to add a new device.

Add a new device

Step 2: Write Firmware

When writing the firmware for your device you won’t have to identify the device, just send the raw data.

Firmware code

Step 3: Ensure device works

You can monitor the data data from devices by going to the inbox page for the collection. Click on Live Data to watch data as they arrive.

View live data

Inspect payload the payload by clicking on the left-side arrow on each payload.

Inspect payload

Step 4: Write Backend

Granted, a simple stream of samples from the device is nice but the real value of the data from the devices will require some processing on a backend. Ingesting data from the devices is relatively easy, you can either create a data router or connect to the MQTT broker in Span.

You’ll need an API token to connect to the MQTT broker. Click on add in the API token menu to create one.

New API token

Use the API token and the collection ID when connecting to the backend.

MQTT broker code

Step 5: Add more integrations

If you add more backend systems, f.e a data gathering system you can add multiple data routers. Each data router can be enabled and disabled individually. If you change one of the backend systems the others won’t be affected.

MQTT client