New front end for Span

Trondheim, 2023-01-13

New login, more features in the management UI and new web pages.

As you’ve might have noticed there’s been a few changes both on the web pages and on the frontend to Span.

What’s new?

In short: Almost everything except the words. The documentation pages are - still - a work in progress and we’ll add and restructure it in the coming months.

All the content from the site is moved in under the Documentation menu. Ditto with - it’s now under the Blog menu item.

The API is largely unchanged. There’s some additional features and formatting changes but nothing that will break existing clients.

Migrating your old GitHub user

Since we’ve moved from GitHub to an internal login you have to migrate your old user. It’s fairly simple - go to and click the migration link at the bottom of the login page.

Login page

On the migration page click on the “Sign in via GitHub” to start the migration

Migration step 1

After a roundtrip to the GitHub sign in page you can update your profile. Update your email address and name. The phone and address fields are optional and can be edited later on

Migration step 2

Click on “Update” to verify your email address. We’ll send you an email with a verification link. Click on the link in the email and set your password.

Migration step 3

Finally, click “Set password” to complete the migration.

Migration step 4

I highly recommend that you go to the profile page on to add an MFA token to your account afterwards.

Reviving the old Exploratory Engineering blog

If you digh through the blog posts you might notice a few more older posts. When Telenor shut down the Exploratory Engineering department the web pages and blog was removed as well for obvious reasons but the posts are still relevant/interesting/worth a look so we’ve resurrected some of the posts and put it on our blog. We’ve only kept a selection of posts that we’ve written ourselves. The old posts are tagged with #ee. Unfortunately a few of the links are broken (particularly the old services at and but we’ve kept them as is.


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