Blob support in Span

Trondheim, 2023-02-21

New feature - support for blobs in Span

The latest version of Span now includes experimental support for blobs.

Blobs are uploaded via a regular HTTP POST to if you run on a mobile network or if you run an internet-connected device. The internet-connected device must have a client certificate when posting data. The devices on the mobile can just use old vanilla HTTP to upload the blob.

Once the device has posted the blob it is available in the Span fronted. If the device has set the Content-Type to one of the image types you can preview it directly in the frontend. Other MIME types must be downloaded.

Blob previeew

Downloading it from the API is also simple - just send a GET request to{collectionId}/blobs/{blobId} and you’ll get the blob as any web page.

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